Dr Alexander Watson


Combining a love for travel and birdwatching, and excitement for exploring new ecosystems and cultures, Alexander has worked as a guide and lecturer in East and West Antarctica and their Subantarctic Islands for more than a decade.

When not working on ships, Alexander uses his conservation biology background to try and reverse our current extinction crisis. For the last eight years, he has worked with Indigenous Rangers in the Kimberley to protect some of the last populations of Australia’s threatened fauna including night parrots, nabarlek and northern quolls.

Alexander has also lectured at university in conservation biology and ecology and worked for non-government organisations helping conserve WA’s Great Western Woodlands and Canada’s temperate rainforests. He has published scientific reports on topics including assessing the National Reserve System in Australia, the need for a new approach for managing the large, intact landscapes, the effects of habitat fragmentation on woodland birds, the effects of logging disturbance on forests and impacts of oil spills on biodiversity.