Allie Carroll

Kayaking Guide

Allie has been a sea kayak guide and instructor since 2011 when she first took up the sport. After working in numerous and varied fields (none of which were outdoors) including photography and yoga, she has found that kayaking enlivens her senses like nothing else. Being on the water, particularly the ocean, provides a whole-body sense of well-being more than words could duly describe – it’s the only thing that balances her fire inside.

Allie hopes others find their solace in the moments of wonder and awe that nature provides. Her favourite places to paddle are areas of abundant wildlife, as the sentient creatures are what creates the dynamic environments she so enjoys, whether it’s her travels in the polar regions or temperate and tropical rainforests.

When not paddling, Allie travels extensively, chasing the sun, riding her bikes and exploring for the pure joy of new places and different challenges that give rise to more questions than answers.

She is a free spirit full of bubbly energy, always ready with a laugh and a smile.